Our Story

Growing up in Portland, OR in a family of cooks, bakers, farmers, and gardeners, the kitchen was always a place of celebration, creativity, nourishment, and joy. I started Honey Mama’s as a way to share these celebrated family traditions, my love of nature, and my passion for healthy living. Determined to make an impact through conscious eating, I prioritize using only the highest quality, nutrient-rich ingredients and delivering a comfort food experience!

Honey-sweetened and made with only four organic, easy to digest ingredients. Honey Mama’s bars are naturally free from gluten, soy, dairy, and grain and are a decadent, feel-good, melt-in-your-mouth whole food treat that allows your body to thrive and your taste buds to celebrate.


From our kitchen to your table, Christy Goldsby, Founder

Our Bars, Our Ingredients, Our Suppliers

Honey Mama’s bars are made using only five whole food, nutrient-rich ingredients (raw honey, cacao powder, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds or shredded coconut – that’s it!). We’re committed to using only the highest quality direct-trade, non-GMO, and organic ingredients that are also out of this world delicious.

Naturally free from soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, and grains. 

Our Packaging

We wrap our bars in a layer of unbleached parchment paper to ensure freshness, and in an additional layer of wax-lined unbleached freezer paper to protect against moisture and to offer a rustic, old-world appeal. We even use environmentally sustainable shrink wrap for our case boxes. How cool is that?!


  • 2019 Good Food Award: Mayan Spice – Best Sweet Snack
  • 2019 Silver Sofi Award: Oregon Peppermint – Sweet Snack
  • 2018 Gold Sofi Award: Nibs & Coffee Sweet Snack 
  • 2018 Bronze Sofi Award: Mayan Spice – Sweet Snack
  • 2017 Silver Sofi Award: Nibs & Coffee Sweet Snack
  • 2018 Nexty Award: Oregon Peppermint – Best New Sweet or Dessert
  • 2018 Nexty Finalist: Lavender Red Rose Sweet Snack 
  • 2018 Nexty Finalist: CocoNoNut Sweet Snack
  • 2018 Nexty Finalist: Nibs & Coffee Sweet Snack 
  • 2018 Nexty Finalist: Peruvian Raw Sweet Snack



“Honey Mama’s cacao-nectar bars have replaced all the other chocolate in my life.” 

“Dubbed “cacao-nectar bars” (without cocoa butter, it’s not technically chocolate), you could liken the refrigerated goodies to brownie dough, truffles, or fudge. They are marvels of mind-melting decadence with the ambrosial mouthfeel of classic chocolate frosting.”

“Product description: Your favorite candy bar went to a meditation retreat and came back enlightened.”


“A wholesome treat straddles a brownie and truffle.”  

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