Let us introduce you to the most delicious, raw honey-based, whole food treat you’ve ever tasted!

Honey Mama’s Cacao-Nectar Bars are mouth-watering delicacies made from five nutrient rich whole foods, making them both satisfying and easy to digest. They are also naturally free from soy, eggs, dairy, gluten and grains. You may think it isn’t possible to have a treat both healthy and sublime, but it truly is! By using pure, whole ingredients of the highest quality, you get complex flavors and decadent textures that excite and delight the senses. The pure alchemy that occurs by using these high-quality ingredients leads to some serious “yum”!

Here at Honey Mama’s, we want you to know everything that goes into making our bars, from start to finish. We are proud of the nourishing ingredients we use, and are committed to using only directtrade, nonGMO, and organic ingredients. Since certified organic honey isn’t available in the US, we choose to use raw local honey that comes from land maintained by beekeeper Matt Mickleberry in Troutdale, Oregon, who uses 100% sustainable, non-chemical, bee-loving practices.


“Honey Mama’s Cacao-Nectar bars are a delectable treat you can eat on a cleanse!”

To learn more about the fabulous ingredients that go into our bars, click here.

Our bars are handmade in small batches, chilled to form, topped with fresh cacao powder, and hand cut into packages of three, 1-ounce servings. They are then wrapped in unbleached parchment paper to ensure freshness, and additionally wrapped in wax-lined unbleached freezer paper. We believe this offers a rustic, old-world appeal, in addition to providing moisture protection. We even use environmentally sustainable shrink wrap for our case boxes. How cool is that?!

Please note: These delightful raw treats will soften and melt at temperatures above 76 degrees, please store in cool place or refrigerate.

Available in 7 varieties sold individually as 2.5 oz packaged bars, or as a variety pack, or by the pound in bulk. They are to live for!
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We should mention that due to increasingly high temperatures during the summer months, we must use overnight shipping for any deliveries outside of Oregon and Washington. We will go back to our usual shipping methods as soon as possible.

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