Cacao Balsamic Vinaigrette

Hang onto your seats, people, because I have a feeling some worlds are about to get rocked. I was feeling a little spunky the other day, and while making one of my standard dressing recipes–a balsamic vinaigrette–I quickly… Read More

Have a Taste, On Us!

  Hello, Everyone! We are buzzing around like busy little bees this morning, gearing up for a slew of demos happening in the Portland area this week. We have some big, mad love for our P-Town home turf,… Read More

Coconut Oil Love

Let’s talk about fat, shall we? Always a hot button topic, fat has been getting a bum rap since the early 50’s. This was around the same time that the anti-saturated fat craze began, which happened to coincide… Read More

Blueberry Lavender Red Rose Smoothie

We are having a gorgeous week here in Portland, and all this glorious sunshine is making me think of the simplicity of summer…flip-flops, sundresses, and smoothies for breakfast. If you are a fan of our Lavender Red Rose… Read More

Black Bean Molé

A couple of weeks ago–when it was almost 90 here in Portland–you couldn’t have force-fed me a hearty, warm bean dish. Even though I am a huge fan of comforting bowls of beans, I tend to only crave… Read More

Mother’s Day

This Sunday, May 8th, we get to celebrate a very special lady: Mom. Whether your mother lives close by or far away, Honey Mama’s bars make the perfect gift. Thought maybe you waited too late to order online?… Read More

Java Jolt Smoothie

  If you wake up most mornings feeling a little sluggish, and tend to do the “zombie-walk” into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, this smoothie is for you! If you simply enjoy a breakfast that… Read More